Friday, February 20, 2009

Another Blustery Day

It is these days when I'm tired of the wind and cold AND snow, that I start dreaming about summer and the beach.

We don't live super close to the beach anymore, but the town I grew up in is right on the Atlantic Ocean. When we go to visit my Mother, she and I and the kiddos often take little walks on a rocky beach to collect sea glass. It is a very relaxing activity and lots of fun to find treasures. You usually hear: "found one", "come look at this", "isn't this pretty".

We started to make little pendants with our finds. These, of course, can be purchased on my ETSY site Katie's Kreations. See pictures below:

Here are a "few of my favorite things" when doing a sea glass search on ETSY.

A ring by lakeeriebeachglass

For the office, pushpins by SeaFindDesigns (they are in neighboring state RI)

A necklace, by lakeeriebeachglass

Happy "daydreaming" Friday! :)

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